Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thing 20: Routes...

Thing 20 (for those still counting) which invites us to think about how they wound up in libraries in the first place. I have added an entry to the Library Routes Project but felt a bit sheepish about re-posting here, having had a much more conventional route into librarianship compared to some CPD bloggers! (The routes of the likes of Library Quine, Siobhan B in the Library and Alyson Tyler make for a far more interesting read!!).

Last week I was privileged to attend the Library Information & History Group's Lost Libraries of London Tour which was quite brilliant (despite the rain!). I am indebted to Katie the Librarian for having summarised this so well (I was orginaly going to do my own write up but soon realised I had nothing to add to this!). Following the recommendations of some of those who led and participated in this tour, I also went to several Open House London events over the weekend. More on this to follow shortly...

The Lost London Libraries tour ended here at St. Paul's Cathedral
which at one time offered storage space for thousands of booksellers

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