Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thing 4 & Chicagwarts...

Well, I've promised myself that I won't let the CPD23 Things fall by the wayside while I am here in the US. I'm hoping to relate some of the tools and tasks set out during this programme to the work I am doing out here. This week is all about Twitter, RSS feeds and Storify.

Twitter is something I have tried desperately hard to get on with (I really have!). The difficulty I have is in configuring my Twitter feed to display the sorts of things I'd actually want to read. Many of the microblog posts coming up are still either completely irrelevant (I gather Jedward made it to another Eurovision final) or highly negative: "My mama need to hurry and get our printer fixed or get a new one because I hate coming in to [x] library". 

I've noticed the Mary Idema Pew building broadcasts tweets on how the construction work is getting on from its own perpective (https://twitter.com/#!/gvsuMaryI) which is all rather sweet. I have also started to follow feeds from places I'll be visiting next week in the hope of picking up some tips! This tweet from popular Chicago-based film critic Roger Ebert caught my eye:

A bold claim indeed from Roger Ebert @ Twitter

The link mentioned in his tweet is to an article called The image of a man you do not see. As well as providing a useful insight into the architectural history of some of Chicago's most famous buildings, the journal entry also includes imagery from an outstanding collection of photographs entitled University of Chicagwarts by Justin Kern. Here is just one example:

The Harper Memorial Library at the Univesity of Chicago - Justin Kerns
Whilst looking at some of Kerns's photographs has made me even more excited about my upcoming visit to Chicago, I am certainly not done with GVSU yet! I visited the University's excellent Special Collection and Archives section today and there will be much more to follow about that soon. For now I'm very much looking forward to Chili Corn Dog Wednesday in the office tomorrow!

Couldn't resist! Here's another of Justin Kerns' fantastic UC pics

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